Luke The Dog™


Wow. So, in a couple of weeks, school will be back in session, the days will start getting shorter, and summer will be coming to a close. I can hardly...

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Summer 2014: An Update

This happy puppy just loves having a back yard!

When I got Luke the Dog™, I lived in a 4-bedroom house in Provo with a couple of friends.  The house had a two-car garage, and a decent yard. The y...

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Luke’s Yard

The last week has been interesting here in the great PNW.  This is an area that is not particularly well know for massive snow falls.  In fa...

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Puppy Playtime in the Snow

Le Sigh. I love Holidays.  Not fake holidays, like Halloween or Valentine’s day, where you still have to go to work.  No, I love real holi...

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Post Thanksgiving Update

So, I returned home from my trip to Utah on Thursday evening and picked up Luke the dog.  Then, on Friday afternoon, I decided that I’d load Lu...

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Good ‘n Plenty

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I just went on a little trip.  Like I do about twice a year, I pack up my Xbox and a few clothes, hop in the...

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A Little Road Trip

As previously mentioned, I may not decorate for Thanksgiving, but I do celebrate Thanksgiving.  As a natural complainer, I, of all people, need t...

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Grateful Things