This spring marks the beginning of the second growing season since I moved into my house in 2013. Last year, the focus was on the front and side yards of the house. I killed moss and overseeded several times. The good folks at Scott’s Weed and Feed were able to send their children to college because of me. I mowed, I weeded, I transplanted stuff like a madman. And it turned out well.

(A quick shoutout to my parents who taught me how to garden! My yard is nowhere near as nice-looking as yours is, but not all of us get to start from scratch!)

In any case, 2015’s front yard is already starting to come together nicely. (We’ll just leave the back yard out of the discussion for the time being…). Much of last year’s work is really starting to pay off. And, in my true fashion, I have proven once again that I should not be allowed to set foot inside a nursery or garden center without adult supervision. Combined with a ridiculously mild winter and a very early spring, this year’s floral cornucopia is coming along quite nicely, and sports several new additions. Click through the slideshow below for more! (Click on one of the photos to see the large version, then go through the slides that way.)