Handwritten Blog Post or “HBP” is a new series I’m starting where I act all high-fallutin and special because I’m doing something normal and modern like blogging via a method that’s old-fashioned and anachronistic. I suppose you could call these my “hipster” blog posts.  

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  • Nate spencer

    Glad the blog is running again! Loree feels the same about the importance to teach max to write cursive. We are trying to inspire a little more creativity as he has math and logic in spades. Do you think a typical 10 year old would be able to handle a fountain pen and if so any suggestions on a starter model?

  • Yeah, a lot of countries start teaching kids to use fountain pens starting at the age of 8 or so. I would suggest you look at a Pilot Metropolitan ($15) or a Lamy Safari ($30). The Lamy is a workhorse, and is used in schools all over Germany as a learner pen. It’s not my favorite, but that has more to do with the aesthetics. The Pilot is a slightly smaller pen (good for smaller hands), but is probably a bit more delicate.

  • Check out GouletPens.com for other options as well.

  • James Cassidy


    A hand-written blog — fantastic!!!! What a great idea. Your blog reminds me of when I received letters through the post back in the day! Great to see a nice variety of inks and lovely handwriting. I am sad to hear that cursive writing it is being shelved in the US. Let’s hope this is reversed — maybe an on-line petition could get this reversed? Thanks for the blog and I look forward to your next hand-written piece.