Oh, hey there blog? Remember me? I used to write stuff if you all the time. You know, usually it was depressing, introspective ramblings, not really worth posting on the Internet, but at least I stopped by everyone once in a while, right?

Well, look, I know things between you and I haven’t been great lately. I mean, I haven’t even logged in to visit since February. And even that was pretty awkward. But you know, we’ve been through worse. Remember that time we moved from Blogger to WordPress and lost all your photos? I mean, that was pretty awful. But you know what? We’ve been together for over 10 years. That’s crazy. None of our friends have been in blogging relationships that long. And we’d be stupid to let all that work, and emotion, and energy go to waste. I know that I’ve been seeing some other blogs lately, especially that young new blog in our server, The Pen Habit. But what we have is more person, more lasting. I want to make it work.

So here’s my promise to you. I can’t promise that I’m going to be able to be as available as I used to be. A lot has changed between us over the last couple of years. I’m not as emotionally needy as I used to be. And I’ve started writing a lot of stuff in my journal where it should be and not posting it on the Internet, where, truth be told, it probably shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends. So I’m going to promise that I will write at least one new blog post each and every week from here on out. It may be short. It may be just a bunch of photos, or a recipe. It may be a creative writing exercise, or some silly little open letter to some inanimate object like blog. But it will be something. And maybe I’ll even start posting snippets of my new memoir that I’m editing, just to give folks a hint of what’s coming up when it’s done.

Does that sound all right to you?

In the meantime, here’s a little cover video I did of the Bob Dylan song, “To Make You Feel My Love.”



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