Month: May 2014

When I moved into my house, the front yard looked rather like this: This screenshot was from 2011 when the Google Maps truck drove by and took a snaps...

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Purdy Flower!

“No! You’re not doing it right. You need to be more suave. You’re too juvenile, and too effeminate. It’s not reading at all. You need to do it...

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The Fine Art of Rejection

When I got Luke the Dog™, I lived in a 4-bedroom house in Provo with a couple of friends.  The house had a two-car garage, and a decent yard. The y...

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Luke’s Yard

Oh, hey there blog? Remember me? I used to write stuff if you all the time. You know, usually it was depressing, introspective ramblings, not really w...

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Dear Blog: Remember Me?

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