Hey blog friends,

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I have been very keenly affected with an affliction that I’m calling penophilia. (Which, while only one letter away from pedophilia, is really something completely different.) I have become infatuated with fountain pens, inks, and paper. I have been writing 2-3 letters a week, and I want to write more! I am looking for some pen pals to write good, old-fashioned longhand letters on paper and send them through the mail. Just think of it as retro email.

If you’re interested in doing some mailing back and forth, let me know in the comments below. You don’t have to be someone I know if real life (yet.) If you’d like to get in on the cellulose correspondence, I’m game. It’ll be fun!*

*May not actually be fun, unless you’re a total geek like me and enjoy doing things that most other people believe sound like the height of tedium.

  • nikki

    It’s been a very long time since anyone else admitted to loving the old fashioned art of writing letters. If you’re still looking – I’d love to be pen pals.

  • Hi Nikki,

    Sorry for not responding to this sooner. I didn’t notice it!

    If you want to drop me a line to get the communication started, you can send it to the address below:

    Matt Armstrong
    c/o Open Book Audio
    PO BOX 3304
    Redmond, WA 98073

  • Paul Tervit

    Love your Youtube fountain pen reviews. Would love to be pen-pals. I’ll send a letter written with my nice new Edison Collier all the way from New Zealand. Paul Tervit.

  • Chelsea Tafoya

    Hello, I have recently felt the she infatuation with fountain pens as you have. I love the thought and time that goes into writing letters. It is unfortunately uncommon these days, which is quite a shame. To me, the easy way is not always the best way. If you are still interested in having a pen pal, I’d love to. I have no one else to write letters to, especially none who would appreciate it as much as perhaps you would. Most would simply find it strange and probably email or text me. I hope to hear from you.
    Have a nice day :)