Month: October 2012

The final day of my trip to New York dawned early.  I think my body realized that there was a lot I still wanted to do, and not much time to do i...

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The New York Trip: Day 6

Saturday morning was a lazy day. I was feeling much better after my Cosmo-inspired deep sleep of the night before, but I decided not to push it, so I ...

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The New York Trip, Day 5

Friday morning dawned, and I felt like crap. Not your standard, every-day, run-of-the-mill crap. No, we’re talking full-blown explosive diarrhea-sty...

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The New York Trip, Day 4

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny, but with a little bit of a chill on the breeze.  Nevertheless, this day would prove to be the favorite...

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The New York Trip, Day 3

The great vacation of 2012 started off very, very early in the morning. Like 4:45AM early in the morning. And, if I may quote Strongbad, “HOLY CRAAA...

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The New York Trip, Days 1 & 2

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