Happy Independence Day!

This year, the 4th of July fell in the middle of my 10-day “staycation.” Fortunately, the weather in Seattle decided to cooperate, and it actually began summer a day early.  (By tradition, summer in Seattle usually doesn’t begin until July 5th.) And thus begins the 6 weeks of why I live in Seattle. To whit:



I mean, seriously. Tell me that doesn’t look glorious, especially to those of you…well…everywhere else.

Anyway, this 4th was nothing spectacular. I spent a few hours in the garden, took the dog to the dog park, worked on producing the “angry breakup” song that I wrote last week, grilled some hot dogs, and went out to the dock at my apartment complex to watch folks set off fireworks over the water.  Very nice, low key, and relaxed. 

This year, however, I took my camera out to see if I could capture a few photos of the fireworks.  I’ve never shot fireworks before.  It’s hard.  Also, I spent 45 minutes sitting on my ankles and had right right foot go so completely to sleep that it was 100% numb, and when I stood up to go back inside, my ankle was completely unable to support my weight, and I ended up nearly tumbling into the water with nearly $4,000 worth of camera equipment and an 80 lb. golden retriever on a leash.  Fortunately, the giant powerboat that I fell onto stopped any unexpected swimming trips, and gave me a nice place to rest for 15 minutes to try to determine if my foot would recover, if my ankle was sprained, or if I was going to need to have the entire lower half of my right leg removed to prevent necrosis. 

I think we’re leaning toward a mild strain at the moment.  It’s still sore, but at least I can put weight on it.  Thank goodness for those flexible ankles from all my years of dancing.

Oh yeah, and I also shaved my head. Not my usual close-cropped-with-clippers shaved my head that I normally do, but rather, the shaving-cream-and-razor bic’ing that shouts to the world, “YES! I’m trying to go bald gracefully, but my hair is taking too damn long, and I am tired of buying shampoo!”  Plus, now that I have a membership with http://dollarshaveclub.com, I get four new razor blades shipped to me each month for only $6, so I don’t have to worry about too much extra expense from shaving the dome.  I’m not entirely sold on the new look, I have to say.  I really do wish that I could have old hair back.  It’s really a shame.  Just about the time it changes color to a nice brown with hints of red, and about the time I figure out how to make it look pretty good, it starts falling out.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Anyway, here are my fireworks photos.  I hope you had a wonderful 4th!