Song of Burnadette. Written by Jennifer Warnes, Leonard Cohen, Bill Elliott


So, this is how I spent my St. Patrick’s Day.  This is a song I stumbled across several years ago when I was living in Tennessee.  I was looking up music performed by the incomparable Jennifer Warnes, who was semi-well-known back in the 80s and early 90s, but has since largely disappeared from the public.  You may recognize her voice from several major songs of the time.  For instance: Up Where We Belong, I’ve Had the Time of My Life, and Cold Enough to Snow from the movie Life With Mikey.  I found her album “Famous Blue Raincoat,” and while I didn’t care for most of the songs on it (I’m not a huge Leonard Cohen fan), I did love this one.

This is only my third attempt at doing a video for a song while I record it, and each time, I learn a little more.  This time, I recorded a solo piano track first.  Then, once that was finished, I did two vocal tracks.  This time, I moved my mic into the living room instead of my studio, because I wanted a different video background, and I wanted to see how the sound would differ if I was in an acoustically live space versus an acoustically deadened space.  Plus, you get to see my newly-painted living room.  It’s very green…which is fitting, since I recorded this on St. Patrick’s Day.

Once all that was done, I did some extra B-roll footage of my computer screens, mixing board, and sheet music, and edited it all together.  The final result is a little…well…cheesy.  But that’s okay. That tends to be my style anyway.  In any case, you get see how funny I look when I work a studio mic. 

Oh yes, and don’t forget that this video includes a special guest appearance by Luke the Dog™ who, much to my eternal surprise, actually managed to stay still for an entire take!