Month: October 2011

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if it was 2008 and I could have titled this blog post The Great Redecorate of 2008?  Alas, I was three years late...

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The Great Redecorate of 2011

My little sister is about seven months pregnant with her second child—a little boy.  I have heard it said that as a woman gets close to the end...

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Sympathy Nesting

So, as predicted, my hyper-emo state of the last few weeks managed to build up and spill out as a depressing ballad about a relationship that didn’t...

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New Song: One Unread Letter

When I was in high school, I idolized this guy named Jesse.  Jesse was handsome, popular, and friends with everyone.  He was the ultimate so...

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Being Social

Yes, I am alive. No, I have not given up on my blog. I apologize if any of you are the kind of reader who actually has to come to this blog to see if ...

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A Short Post

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