As I mentioned in my last blog post, I just went on a little trip.  Like I do about twice a year, I pack up my Xbox and a few clothes, hop in the car, and drive myself down to Utah to visit with the family.  This year was a pretty quick trip.  I spent all day on Saturday in the car, was in Utah for Sunday through Wednesday, and then spent all day Thursday in the car driving home.  It’s about a 13-hour drive.  It’s actually not too bad—except for driving through Idaho, which is awful. 

Most of Idaho, especially the part through which I-84 slices, is pretty darn ugly.  (Apologies to family who lives there…my heart goes out to you.)  I did however, find a slightly less ugly view at, of all places, a freeway rest stop.


See that’s not quite so bad.  Of course, you can put a river almost anywhere and it will improve the scenery drastically.  Idaho in the winter is the worst, though.  It’s like driving through Hoth.


Only without the mechanized shooty things.  (I have only seen Star Wars once, and I didn’t like it that much, so I’m not that well-versed on the correct terminology.)

In any case, this trip was nice and uneventful.  Sunday, my sister, her husband, and my adorable niece, Aubrey, came up to my parents’ house for a visit and a huge, early Labor day barbeque.  We sat around on the patio in the back and played with Stella the dog while Aubrey the niece played in the kiddie pool.


Seriously.  Isn’t she about the cutest thing ever?  Those eyes should be illegal.

Monday—Labor Day—was spent on my Uncle and Aunt’s boat up at Pine View Reservoir.


It wasn’t as sunny as we would have liked, but what can you do.  In fact, aside from Sunday, it was cloudy and overcast pretty much the whole time I was down in Utah.  It’s like mother nature decided to deprive me of any nice weather all year long this year, like she’s punishing me or something.  She’s such a vicious trollop.  I mean, I drive a fuel-efficient car.  I recycle.  I don’t clear-cut Brazillian rain forests.  She could ease up on me a little.

You know what, just for that, I’m going to go buy the biggest Hummer I can find.  If you want global warming, I’ll give you global warming.  Bring it on, Mother Nature.  I will take you down.

Anyway, Tuesday, I made peach jam with the peaches from the tree in my parents’ back yard.  The tree is only two years old, so they had to trim off most of the fruit this year (about 95%) to keep the tree from getting over-burdened before it’s strong enough.  Even still, they had about five dozen peaches that all got ripe at about the same time…which just happened to correspond with my arrival in Utah.  So I made peach jam with a few of the peaches, and it’s chillin’ in my freezer.  Note to self: make waffles soon.

One of the other main reasons that I decided to go down to Utah for my vacation time was to see my friend Nicole perform in a musical called “Drowsy Chaperone.”  Nicole is a classmate of mine from the MDT program at BYU, and is one of the most ludicrously talented people I know.  She was also my partner in Choreographic Styles when we sort of killed it.  It was also directed by my not-so-secret artistic crush, Dave Tinney.  My sis was able to come along, so I drove down to Daybreak to pick her up and take some more pictures of my stinkin’ cute niece:


Then sis and I drove down to Orem, were disappointed to discover that Lon’s BBQ had gone out of business, went to Burger Supreme for old times’ sake (at which I was disappointed to discover it wasn’t as good as I remember it being…especially the onion rings.  Blargh), and ended up at the Hale Center Theater in Orem.  The show was great, it was great to see several of my old theater friends and one of my former students (who is teaching himself now too!) and spend some time with my sister.

Wednesday, I got myself some Utah Scones at the Star Café in Clearfield, did laundry, shopped for some snacks for the road trip, and made a nummy dinner with the tomatoes and zucchini from my parents’ garden.  And through it all, we played a lot of games on the Kinect.  Tell you what…if my mom could spend a bit of time getting used to playing Dance Central, she could be a major threat.

So, it was a nice trip.  It was great to see everyone, but it was also nice to get back into town and get back to my dog.  He stayed with a co-worker of mine for the week I was gone, and quite frankly, he doesn’t seem all that thrilled to have me back.  He’s been pouting and disobedient ever since I got back.  I just think he got used to having another dog in the house since my co-worker has a very sweet Sheltie named Charlie.  I think Luke wants a brother.

And, to top it all off, I found four zucchini like this when I got back:


I was only gone for six days, and when I left, I didn’t have a single Zucchini on either of my plants.  In six days, I had four of these get pollinated and grow to roughly the size of a Northern Pike.  I also got a dozen ears of corn, a dozen carrots, a couple of bags of radishes, and two gallons of lettuce.  And my tomatoes STILL aren’t ripe.  Well, at least we’ll have another week of sunny, warm weather.  But this is getting ridiculous.

And, fortunately, I’ve got two more full days of weekend before I have to go back to work on Monday. I do love vacations.

  • Jeff

    Love the Hoth reference.  Made my day.