Day 13 – A Picture of Your Favorite Band or Artist


This one is a battle of the ladies.  There is no possible way for me to choose only one favorite band or artist, but these three women are as close as I’m going to get to musical perfection

1.  Sara Bareilles

Sara’s new to the music scene, with only her second major label album out now.  Sara’s got a great voice, but where she really excels is in the area of songwriting.  Her latest album, Kaleidoscope Heart is probably one of the most well-written, well-produced pop albums I have ever heard in my life.  It’s rare that a young artist’s sophomore effort matches the initial album, but she managed not only to meet the same bar of quality, she’s exceeded it.  She’s an extremely talented artist, and I think/hope we’re going to see a lot of her in the future.

Best Representative Song: Uncharted from the album Kaleidoscope Heart

2. Jane Monheit

Jane comes to us from NYU and world of Jazz.  I have never in my life heard a woman with such flawless vocal control and ability.  She doesn’t have the loud, brassy Broadway style, but in the world of Jazz, she’s perfection.  If Kristen Chenoweth and Diana Krall had a baby, that baby would be Jane Monheit.  (Speaking of which, how did I skip Kristen Chenoweth on this list?) Love, Love, Love, Love, Love her voice.  If I was independently wealthy, I would hire Jane to live in my house and sing me to sleep at night.

This is a stunning take on the classic Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  (You’ll probably have to turn up the sound on your computer a little.)

3. Eva Cassidy

Sometimes there are people whose talent is so transcendent that it becomes impossible to put it into words.  And Eva was one of those people.  She died at a tragically young 38 years old of cancer, denying the world access to a voice that has yet to be matched by any other.  Rather than try to describe her voice, let me just show you.

This is her uh-maz-ing version of Oh, Had I a Golden Thread.  Any of my old MDT friends who read this blog, if you want to hear the PERFECT belt, make sure you get all the way 2:50.  Then go change your underwear.