So, as I mentioned a blog post or two ago, I decided last week to stop visiting Facebook and Twitter for a week.  I just wanted to see what it was like.  What have I learned over the last week?  This cat picture can probably sum up my opinion of Facebook the best:


It’s been an interesting (almost) week, to be sure.  I guess I hadn’t realized how pervasive Facebook had become in my life until I removed it from my life.  The first couple of days were a little difficult.  I found myself going to Facebook or Twitter automatically without even realizing it.  I’d click on the bookmark icon, and would watch the page load before I realized I was even visiting the site.  And if I’ve learned anything in my life, I’ve learned that once you reach the point of doing pretty much anything out of sheer habit rather than out of deliberate action, you’ve probably passed the point of moderation.

A few days went by however, and I actually felt better.  I noticed several things:

  • I was spending FAR less time on the computer.  There were days at home when I didn’t even bother turning on my computer at all. 
  • I used the internet far less frequently.  I had allowed the Internet to move from being a tool to being a destination.  Take Facebook out of the equation, and its appeal as a destination vanished.
  • I was getting more accomplished around the apartment.  Several times during the end of last week and over the weekend, I found myself with extra time.  I spent more time playing the piano, cooking, and cleaning.  I didn’t stay up as late.  Some nights, I even went to bed early.
  • I was much less stressed
  • I was far less aware of what was going on in the world.  (Some people may consider this a good thing, others a bad.  I actually rather like not being riled up about anything and everything.)

I decided about four days into the experiment that I was pretty much swearing off Facebook for good.  I’ll still keep my account, and will check on it occasionally.  I’ve set up my blog to automatically post a link to my new blog posts on my Facebook feed.  But other than that, I’m probably not going to get involved with Facebook much anymore.

I  may still post on Twitter every now and again, but I’m not going to leave my Twitter client open all day long and check on it several times a day like I normally have in the past.  Nor am I going to click on every link that gets passed along.

I’m actually rather glad I did this little experiment.  I’m enjoying my break from Facebook.  I can’t say it will be permanent (it probably won’t be) but for the time being, I’m more than happy not to spent hours of my day on FB/Twitter/Links provided therein.


On a completely unrelated note, it snowed in Seattle today.  About 1-2 inches.  And the city has ground to a complete and utter halt.  I left work at 4PM today…about 1.5 hours earlier than normal, and I was one of the last three people in the office.  Everyone else had scampered home as soon as the snow started to stick on the ground.  They freaked right out.  Now, I’m pretty confident driving in the snow.  One thing that I’ve learned as I’ve lived in several places around the country: the people in Michigan know something about how to teach their children to drive.  They know how to drive in all kinds of weather conditions.  They’re courteous when they need to be, but can also be aggressive when they need to be. 

I was having a conversation with a co-worker about my frustration with the four-way stops on my way to work, because it seems like nobody in Washington knows the rules of the four-way stop.  He actually said to me, “I never learned those rules.  What are they?”  This is a man in his mid-30s.  He’s from the area, and he  never learned the 4-way stop rules.  Not. Okay.

  • Pedestrians always have the right of way
  • The first person to the intersection has the right of way.
  • If more than one vehicle gets to the intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the furthest right has the right of way.
  • If two vehicles approach opposite stop signs (north/south or east/west) at the same time, both my proceed through the intersection at the same time as long as both of them are going straight.  If one is going straight and the other is turning left, the one going straight has the right of way.
  • Use your @#$@#$@#$@ turn signal!  IT’S NOT THAT FREAKING HARD TO TURN ON YOUR TURN SIGNAL.  If you’re too busy to signal when you’re driving, put down your cell phone, your chalupa, and your mascara, and drive.

Anyway (whew, that was a tangent) the roads are slicker than snot out there right now, and then it got super cold for here, so now everything’s frozen.  There aren’t salt trucks or very many snow plows, so the roads aren’t getting any better.  It’s pretty darn ugly.  I could handle driving on the roads, because I understand how to drive in the snow, but I don’t trust the other drivers around me.  My neighbor drove his car into the ditch trying to get out of the apartment complex, and over the course of the next five minutes, caused five other cars to also drive into the ditch because none of them were able to adequately adjust their driving to deal with the conditions.  So, chances are that I’ll be working from home tomorrow.  Which is fine with me.  All this snow really sets off my Christmas decorations.


I’m laying in bed writing this blog post, and my dog is laying at the foot of the bed expelling farts that are so foul that the plastic lid of my laptop is melting.


I’m a huge fan of impressionists and parody as a comedy form.  A friend of my posted this amazing video of a woman singing the song “Tomorrow” from Annie as several different “divas.”  Most of them were pretty good, but her Burnadette Peters was uh-ma-zing, and her Celine Dion was so spot on I could hardly believe it.  Also, this is very funny.


So, I read and watch a lot of very funny thing on the Internet, but I don’t think that, in my nearly 20 years of using the Internet I have ever read anything in my life that made me laugh as hard as this blog post.  Seriously, I think I’ve read it 18 times, and every time it makes me laugh so hard I nearly puke.  This is especially funny if you have, like, or are ever around dogs.  But it’s funny for everyone.  So, without further ado, the funniest thing on the Internet,

Dogs Don’t Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving