Month: October 2010

It was a long day.  It wasn’t good or bad, per se, but just long.  Morning came too early, lunchtime too late.  1:00PM rolled aro...

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The Autumnal Epiphany

Well…the weekend is almost here.  At last.  It’s been a, well, an emotional week for me, to say the least.  On the plus sid...

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Emotional Exhaustion

So, after a restless night and a rather tenuous day, most of my anger bottled up in my last post has burned itself out.  I’m still trying t...

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A quick follow up to anger

I’m an emotional person.  I feel my emotions strongly, and I express my emotions pretty openly.  I often get frustrated or upset, but ...

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I’m Pissed Off

I know I talk about pie a lot on my blog.  I do so with good reason.  But you guys, this was the one pie to rule them all. This was the last...

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Sunshine in a Crust

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