The cherry tree outside my front door is in full bloom right now, which is actually unusual.  Most of the cherry blossoms have fallen off of the trees, but there are still a few patches of late-blooming cherry trees here and here, and the one outside my apartment is one of those I suppose.  It’s also unusual in that its flowers are so dark.  Most of the cherry blossoms in the area are white or the palest pink, but these are a deep magenta color.

I wanted to play around with lighting on these photos, so I clipped a small branch, brought it inside, and clipped it to one of my music stands with an oversized alligator clip.  Then I used a small desk lamp with a daylight flourescent bulb in it, wrapped the lamp in a cardboard cereal box I had cut open, and used that in a completely dark room to light up the branch.  Putting the branch on the music stand was awesome because it allowed me to the flexibility to rotate and tilt the branch easily, and instead of moving my camera, I could just move the subject.

Shot on the Canon 7D, 24-70mm f/2.8, ISO250, Exposure time of 1.5-8 seconds.  Developed in Lightroom (cropping, basic color correction.)




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