I have mentioned before on this blog that my feelings toward God in my life right now are generally nebulous and confused.  That being said, it’s hard to lay in bed on a drowsy Saturday morning and realize that there’s nothing you have to do all day long, and not see at least a hint of divine guidance.  Weekends are so, so wonderful.  Especially when, like me, you get to spend them being totally and completely selfish, and doing only what you want to do.

It was a beautiful (and cold!) foggy morning this morning when Luke woke me up at 7:30 (dumb dog) to go outside.  So after our stroll through the park near my apartment, I ran back, grabbed my camera, and drove back to the park to snap some shots before the fog dissipated and the sun came out.  (Don’t snort.  I know it’s winter in Seattle, but it actually was sunny today.  I even needed to wear my sunglasses.)

It really was a beautiful morning (and cold!) and I got a few shots that I think turned out pretty well.


20091205IMG_0687Idlewood Park - Redmond, WA 

20091205IMG_0653Idlewood Park - Redmond, WA

Yes, I hate spiders.  But seeing a spider web covered in frost reminds me of a very happy fact:  the spider that made this web is dead.


 20091205IMG_0663Idlewood Park - Redmond, WA


After the photo session, I crawled back into bed and slept for two hours spooning my dog for warmth.  I’ve discovered that the floor of one of the closets in my bedroom apparently sits directly on the concrete slab, or more likely, has a hidden refrigeration unit that I wasn’t aware of, so the temperature in that closet essentially equals the outdoor temperature.  And since the only thing keeping the air in my closet from the interior of my bedroom is a cheap, hollow-core door with a 1" gap at the bottom, (not to mention the hardwood floors, which suck out all warmth from a room, my bedroom tends to get relatively cold.  As in I could put out my eye with my nipples cold.

While this isn’t particularly great for recording sessions (my recording booth is in this closet) it does provide me with the absolutely ideal sleeping environment: a room so cold you can see your breath.  There’s just nothing in the world more glorious than falling asleep in a warm bed with lots of heavy bedding in a room that’s so cold that it’s like nature’s sex-change operation.  I generally get so hot when I sleep that the only way I can get a good night’s sleep is to have a really cold room.

The nap well spent, I decided to go out to lunch.  I needed to go grocery shopping, and if I don’t go out and spent $20 on lunch before I go, I end up buying $50 more than I need to on groceries that I end up throwing away because they go bad before I can use them.  So really, I eat out to save myself $30.  I went to go to my favorite BBQ place, but I got there and was extremely disheartened to discover that it had closed.  It was a really great restaurant.  I’m going to miss it.  So instead, I went to Claim Jumper.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of these places, but they’re ridiculous.  The food’s pretty good for a chain restaurant, but the portions should be illegal.  For $14, I got half a rotisserie chicken, two hand-sized deep-friend potato and cheese cakes about 3/4" thick (divine), three cups worth of roasted veggies, an apple-cinnamon muffin 5" in diameter, and, for desert, which I didn’t even bother trying to eat and just brought home with me, 7" diameter, 3" deep dish mixed berry pie.  I estimate that I probably ate 3,000 calories at that one meal, and still brought an entire pie back to my apartment for later.  Now I’m going to have to live on breath mints and steamed air for the next five days, but it was so worth it.

After that, it was back to shopping.  I went to Kohl’s and got new gloves, two dozen new pairs of socks, some new brown shoes for work, and a Christmas hand towel.  (I’m nothing if not festive.)  By the way, when did socks get so freaking expensive?  $12 for three pairs of non-white socks?  Really? And with that, I believe I’m done shopping for clothes for the season.  Last weekend, I purchased three sweaters, a flannel shirt, and a pair of dark brown corduroy pants. Yesterday, I got two more shirts, and a gorgeous heather gray cashmere sweater (for 1/2 off!).   Now that I’ve gotten enough clothing to replace all the things I’m now too fat to wear, I think I’m done with the purchasing.

Next was the grocery store.  This week’s meal will be white chicken chili and homemade corn bread.  Perfect cold weather food…which is great, because I’ll be eating it all week long, and it’s going to be cold all week long.  I’m also planning for chicken fajitas, and a couple of garden salads tossed with flakes of grilled wild Alaskan salmon.

After the shopping I came home and took Nap #2…only 90 minutes this time.

Then I watched The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  Pretty mediocre romantic comedy that was kept from being abysmal only by the talent of the two lead actors.  I gotta tell the truth, though.  I totally have a crush on Ryan Reynolds–I have since he was on that really crappy sitcom on ABC, Two Guys and a Girl.  I even overlooked his small role in that terrible movie about Richard Nixon, Dick. Considering that I’ve long wished that Sandra Bullock would bear my love child, the pairing of these two was exciting for me.  I just wish the script/direction had been better.

And now, here I am writing a blog.  What a really excellent day.  I just need about two more weeks of these, and I should be ready to go back to work.  What?  You mean I only get one more day?  Well, that’s not fair.  Great.  Now you’ve ruined my weekend.