Month: June 2009

So, last night, I was going to get on and make a couple of blog posts about “stuff.”  As I tried to log on, however, I kept getting an error ...

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Vacational Blogging

So, when I decided I wanted to go vacation, I did what I normally do.  I decided to start my vacation on a Friday and finish it on a Tuesday a we...

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In Room Jacuzzi

Well, it has been 22 long months coming.  But at last I can finally say: I’M DONE!!!  I turned in my final assignment for my final class o...

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So, in my last post, I might have mentioned slightly the excitement I was feeling over the upcoming arrival of my newest tech gadget, the Amazon Kindl...

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I was taking Luke out for his late night “Tinkles” when I looked up and noticed we had a gorgeous moon over the lake.  So, I ran back inside,...

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When the Moon Hits Your Eye

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