Month: March 2009

Well, after all was said and done, the final total for last week’s work hours was 78.  The last time I worked hours like that, I was workin...

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The glorious weekend rut

So, it’s late on Thursday evening, and I just filled out my timecard for today’s work.  As of this moment, I am currently sitting at ...

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Oy. What a week.

It seems that, lately, all weekends are good for is eating. At least for me. This weekend was particularly pathetic. Because of a pending deadline tha...

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Wasted Weekend

I know.  Just get off my case all right?  I’ve been busy. Things in the life of Matt have been hectic, overwhelming, frustrating, but ...

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Matt’s life: an update

I’m not much of an athlete.  I don’t like exerting myself physically.  I hate cardio exercise, and I especially HATE running.&nb...

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  Life has its ups and downs.  There are times when things are going well, when things are looking up, when you’ve “been looking...

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