Month: September 2008

Currently, in school, I am taking the Finance portion of my MBA.  My degree is in Project Management, so this is only an introductory course to m...

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Fiscal Conservancy

So yesterday afternoon, my trusty old Samsung T-629 went for a swim.  In my toilet.  I charge my phone in my bathroom.  It’s one ...

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iPhone Home

This has been a really long week. School work has been disasterouly difficult (we’re dealing with bond yields and analysis in Finance).  Wo...

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Silent Night, Restless Night

For those of you who are political, I need to pass along a very solid warning: I have no problem adding your email address to my SPAM list.  I de...

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And My Vote Goes To…Nobody

You know one of the worst things about getting fat?  When you get fat, your jeans start getting too tight.  And, when you keep your cell pho...

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Sock it to me, Sucrose

When is it okay to wish for more from your life, and when should you be happy with what you have? Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time wishi...

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Wishin’, and Hopin’

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