I have to start off by saying that I don’t like watching the Oscars. They’re so self-congratulatory, and they have no real meaning in life. It just smacks of the insecure performer who desperately needs validation in order to have even an ounce of good feeling about themselves.

That being said, I actually did watch some of the ceremony last night. I think Ellen is a great host. She’s funny, but it’s rarely in the put-someone-down sort-of way. She’s relaxed, likeable, and a nice change of pace from the overabudance of sarcasm you see on awards shows these days. Also, those shadow thingys were very cool. I’m trying to remember the name of the dance troupe that does those things. I knew when I was taking modern dance, but like so much of my formal education, I have completely forgotten it.

I’m glad Jennifer Hudson won for Dreamgirls. Her speech was endearing. You could tell she was shocked, and a little overwhelmed, but she didn’t go bezerk like Sally Fields or Halle Berry. Also, it’s nice to have a celebrity who openly endorses a God other than Al Gore.

I also think that Dreamgirls was ROBBED of its Best Song oscar simply because it was a song attached to that self-satisfying documentary by the aformentioned Al Gore that everyone was talking about. Quite frankly, I doubt most of these celebrities even give a rat’s patooty whether or not the environment is heating up, they’re more interested in kissing the rear end of whichever liberal politico is near by. Even more importantly, why do they think we care about their personal opinions. I don’t care if Melissa Ethridge thinks Al Gore had the courage to tell the world about global warming. Particularly since, A) I don’t care about Al Gore, and B) AL GORE DIDN’T MAKE THE MOVIE. He was the narrator. The movie had a director and HE’S the one who made the movie.

I’m also thrilled that Helen Mirren won for “The Queen.” Tom and I watched that movie on Friday night, and I was completely asonished by her acting in that film. It’s so nice to see the academy actually nominating an actor for a performance that wasn’t “acting.” Merryl Streep is a perfect example of that. She’ such a good “actress” that you can tell she’s “acting.” That’s easy to do. All it requires is a lack of inhibition and a solid source of mental instability. It’s FAR more difficult to make the audience forget that you’re acting, and Mirren pulled it off spectacularly. I’ve rarely seen such a subtle, understated performance that pulled me in more completely than did her performance of the Queen.

But really, 2006 was a pretty lackluster year for movies all the way around.