Month: February 2007

My dog has gotten big. He’s still really cute, but now it’s a different kind of cute. Luke’s seven months old as of tommorrow. He al...

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More pictures of Luke

I just found this hilarous comic strip (thanks to Eric Snider) It’s a strip that made with 19th century artwork, but the dialogue is very modern...

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I have to start off by saying that I don’t like watching the Oscars. They’re so self-congratulatory, and they have no real meaning in life...

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Thoughts on the 2007 Oscars

One of my favorite websites is the poorly named  At woot, they sell one product a day, starting at Midnight on central time, and they sell ...

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I LOVE Woot!

In the continual change of technology, I’ve decided to move my Blog from to  It’s a much more customizable blo...

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I’ve moved my blog

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