Hair Transplant Surgery Session 1

Well, I finally had session one of the hair transplant surgery on Tuesday, January 10th, 2006. It was an interesting experience. Not a lot of fun, really. But sometimes, the drive for vanity is all.

I went into the office at about 9:00. They had me take off my shirt and put on a paper shirt, injected me with demerol (yay) and valium (double yay!) and had me lay down on the table. Dr. Armstrong (my great uncle) then drew in some of the transplant areas with a marking pen, and injected me with some nerve blockers in this weird location in the notch in the orbital socket above the eye. He also injected me under the scalp across the forehead and around the bald spot.

Once he had done that, he started cutting the implant areas in the scalp with what felt like a scalpel or an exacto knife. I was under strict instructions not to talk too much so I didn’t ask. He cut several sockets (for lack of a better word) in my bald spot as well.

Then, he numbed and cut the donor hair area. It was at this point that I started to get nauseated. I nearly threw up. Thankfully, I hadn’t eaten hardly anything for breakfast that morning, so it wasn’t a major issue. A couple of dry heaves, and I was back to feeling as fine as possible under the circumstances.

He stitched up the donor area, and then started doing the implants. The grafts on the back of the head were done first, and he did 4-folicle grafts in that area. After that, he had me turn over onto my back very gently because I was having problems with bleeding too much and the hair folicles were popping out of the implant area. Once I was on my back, he started working on the upper rows of implants. Here , he used 4-follicle grafts and well, and then started using 2-follicle grafts on the front rows of the implants.

About this time, he ran out of hair, so we had to flip over again to harvest more hair, then flip over one more time to finish up the grafts.

The proceedure took about four hours, and I was, as you can tell, awake the whole time.

Recovery is interesting. I can’t wash my hair for the next several days, so it’s pretty nasty right now. I took a bath today, keeping my head dry, but the heat from the water made me sweat, and I had bloody sweat running down my face for about 10 minutes after I got out of the tub. That’s good though. It’ll help keep the infection away.

I’m on Keflex as an anti-biotic, and Dr. Armstrong gave me a prescription for demerol that I’m using to help me sleep. I can’t sleep laying down, because I can’t disturb the grafts until the blood flow really re-establishes itself. I’ve also been given a couple of bottles of vitamins that are supposed to help stimulate hair growth.

I’lll write more tommorrow!

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